Solar Thermal Electricity

(Concentrated Solar Power)

The Backbone of a Sustainable Energy Future

Solar Thermal Electricity (STE), also known as Concentrating Solar Power (CSP), is a technology that produces heat by concentrating solar irradiation. This heat can be used to generate electricity with a steam turbine or as process heat for industrial applications. By storing the thermal energy and/or using hybridization, STE is able to firmly deliver electricity on demand without additional cost – even after sunset. STE is grid-friendly not only due to thermal energy storage, but also due to the use of conventional turbine technology to generate electricity.

100% Renewable

No fuels required! Just the solar power from the SUN!

Low Operating Costs

Operating costs are low


Almost carbon-free (except for production and transportation)

Replacement for Conventional Fuels

Can serve as a drop-in replacement for conventional fuels to make steam to produce electricity

Better Matching Supply with Demand

Use of thermal storage can better match supply with demand

Flexible, Scalable & Efficient

Scalable to the 100MW+, supply on demand and high efficiency

STE/CSP Power Plants Around the World